Giving Macbooks to Students / Clients after they leave


Hello everyone,

This is our first year in which our students will be graduating and keeping the Macbooks they have been assigned. I am looking for other schools or businesses that have done the same process or similar.

What was your method of releasing ownership and informing students/clients of the process?

In my mind the method would include having them run system recovery and wipe the device to ensure all of our management software and owned applications are removed. I know there is the "Remove MDM" option as well as the "Wipe Device" but I need to do this on a large scale of around 100+ units.


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I tried this in the UK...

I'd be more worried about something going wrong after they got them.

We had a legal minefield regarding PAC testing (power tests) and various other things, (cannot ask them to sign a disclaimer etc.)

Ended up not giving them away as there were so many legal repercussions.

Not sure how this relates in the US.

just worthwhile thinking about.


We have thought about this and we are having all students sign a transfer of ownership agreement stating they are taking the unit as-is. They also signed an agreement coming onto campus that clearly stated that any damages or issues needed to be reported immediately to our tech department to allow us to repair the device and return to them. If they do not, we are not liable for unknown damages to the device. We are pretty cut and dry on that.

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So we've done this for the past 4 or 5 years with our 1-to-1 program.

We charge the family's a yearly technology fee first off. The technology fee is the same every year. A student gets a laptop for 3 years, the idea being the technology fee pays it off after 3 years(and pays for licenses, etc). Then the following year they get handed a new laptop for 3 years. So if you leave the school before the end of the 3 year cycle of the laptop, they have to pay off the remaining balance. So a 1 year old laptop they pay 2/3rd the cost, a 2 year old laptop 1/3rd the cost. And the 3rd year they can just take it.

We contact families of students leaving and families of the seniors and have the parents agree to keeping or returning the machine. They fill out a google form as the agreement that it is accepted as is, that depending on the life of the machine there may be X years of AppleCare left and that we basically never want to see the laptop at campus again.

So to not destroy the student's data and because it would honestly take a lot more work doing a wipe and install through System Restore. I've created a policy that basically removes all our licensed software(Adobe Creative Suite, Office, etc). It removes the firmware password. It unbinds their computer from AD and switches their account to a local account. Removes all filtering, monitoring, and our admin account. Then the final step is it removes the jamf framework.

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For Those using DEP, Don’t forget to diss own the device once all billing and potential issues that could bring the device back to campus for whatever reason are resolved. It should be the very last task you do Since you can never again re-add it.

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I think you probably can re-enroll it now using Configurator even after disown (someone with a disowned device confirming this would be nice though).

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That only applies for iOS devices, you can't enroll Macs with Configurator