how to create a package with an uninstaller app that runs first?

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Hey Guys looking to create a IBM notes package that will be uploaded into Munki,

Yet i need the package to include the IBM notes 9 uninstaller(have that run first in the background silently)

Then run the installer package for IBM notes 10.

anyone can help with this. Should a script be created to run the uninstaller first then followed by the installer for IBM notes 10?


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Create 3 Smart Groups:
1) IBM Notes - Current - with an Application Title of IBM Notes AND Application Version is 10
2) IBM Notes - Not Current - with an Application Title of IBM Notes is not application version 10
3) IBM Notes - Not Installed - with a criteria of application title Does Not Have IBM Notes

With me so far? Write a removal script, put it in a policy scoped to Group 2
Scope your Install Script to Group 3
Group 1 will be your completed devices.

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Check out Packages @rtrouton has some good blog posts about using pre/post scripts. Like this one.

Re-packaging installer packages with Packages

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I try to use pre-install scripts where I can, with the requisite if/then statements in case it doesn't need to do anything. I send love and good thoughts to developers who include uninstall scripts for their products, and evil, hateful thoughts to devs who require an uninstall application (not a pkg, but an app!). :-)