How to remove safari and make chrome default browser

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This is for iPad iOS. Some of our weblink's don't function well unless using google chrome. I can remove Safari and add Google Chrome apps but need a step by step to know how to make it the default browser. Found some old discussions but not sure on how to use script.




You can‘t run a script ios. But what you can try is make config profile. You can restrict to you use safari (Mobile Devices -> Config Profile -> Restrictations -> IOS -> Application -> Allow use of Safari (supervised only)

And then install chrome and test it. I didn‘t test it. but maybe this is the way.

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There are some things to consider about this, for example, if you deploy webclips, they won't open, unless Safari is present...

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Received the following from Jamf.

Thank you for reaching out to Jamf Support today!

Unfortunately we are not able to change the default web browser for iOS devices.

There are ways of redirecting links to Google Chrome if we start the links with one of these:

googlechrome:// --- this is http
googlechromes:// --- this is https

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

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The above redirection works but still a popup comes up after licking on weblink it open safari momentarily and states "open in chrome" be good to remove this step but it's not too much of an inconvenience.


For iPadOS, you can edit the WebClip URL to read the following to open via Edge browser. 



for example, to get to the Apple page via the Edge browser, it would read as:






Experience to share:


There are times when setting the Web Clip to open in another browser will be interrupted by Safari due to a page or tab issue. Typically, if Safari gets in the way of opening Chrome or Edge (or whatever), then within Safari clear out all open tabs and swipe off the app, try again. Safari is always called upon when using Web Clips to another browser, it is vital to the process. 


Happy surfing.