Incorrect Azure AD/Conditional Access display in computer search

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I have a fleet of Macs that are enrolled in Microsoft Endpoint Manager via the Jamf connector and Company Portal.

Upon adding the criteria "Computer Azure Active Directory ID", "User Azure Active Directory ID" and "Conditional Access Inventory State" to Inventory Display, all Macs show their status for each of these criteria as "Not present" from within the Computers > Search Inventory page in Jamf Pro.


If we look at the actual Mac inventory record, the attributes are visible with their correct values


And again, when viewing the contents of a smart group, the attributes are visible too


I would expect these attributes to all be visible from within a computer search from the Computers > Search Inventory page in Jamf Pro.

Is anyone else seeing this? Am I missing something?


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Can you edit and upload your screen shots? stupid web filter...

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Is it possible that the users have the UserID 502 or later and not 501? (You can check that with running "id -u" on any of the Macs having the problem)

I've read that there are some issues when using the overview with "CA Inventory State" etc. , if they do not apply on the first user created (Which always equals 501).

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As far as I can remember, there is a known PI for that.
Computer AAD ID, User AAD ID, and Conditional Access Inventory State values display as "Not present" in basic computer search results for computers registered with Microsoft Intune. Workaround: Perform an advanced search.

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Even when doing an advanced search, the values are still showing up inconsistent. Anyone figure this out recently?

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I did integration between Intune with JAMF with could connect (not manual connect). the integration on both sides is an active state. There are around 500 mac machines are in the JAMF already present. 
I am not getting  "Machine Azure Active Directory ID" , "User Azure Active Directory ID" and "Conditional access Inventory State" are empty. 

may I know how to get these values from all the mac machines? which already in the JAMF. 
How to get the info from any new JAMF-enrolled machine ?