Installing Python on client Macs.

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As Python will soon no longer ship with macOS, I'm curious as to the best way to install Python on client Macs. All we will really be using Python for is running scripts as part of policies.

I was considering using the installer, but I'm well aware there are many different ways to distribute Python. Any thoughts?


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I just looked into this with moving to Outset 3... I used the pkg from I also had to get the Xcode Command Line Tools from Apple's developer site as a pkg. So for my Outset deployment three packages are getting installed Outset 3.0.3, Python 3.9.4, and Xcode Command Line Tools 11.5 (for Catalina since we're not deploying Big Sur yet - ARGH!). All install quietly and happily. :)

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I'm looking at this right now also. There is a CVE for Python older than 3.9.2. Apple's Command Line Tools are still installing v3.8.x.

Apple's CLT and the package install into different directories. I'm trying to clean all this up since the vulnerability is showing up on our reports.

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which method did you end up going with?

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Where did you find the command line tools? I've been looking for this but can't find it.

I have a client that wants to bind their macs to Google LDAP, we can do this successfully on Catalina but not on Big Sur because of Python.

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If you need to install your own version of Python on computers, you might consider using this tool: MacAdmins Python

Or, if you need more control of the libraries that you will to include, use Relocatable Python