iOS 10.3 update

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Hi all,

Has anyone gone ahead with the iOS 10.3 update in their environment?

I just went through it with a test device and the first thing it asks you to do after the update is to add a passcode. Now this is something we do not want to prompt our users to do as they are students at our Junior School. We all know that if they are asked to enter a passcode, they definitely will, which will just cause headaches for us.
Does anyone know how we can disable the passcode options screen when they update?

Also has anyone ran into any issues with the file system change?



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You can prevent setting a passcode with a configuration profile, but I'm not sure if that will prevent the prompt at the setup screens.

I've noticed that if you don't skip certain setup screen items in your DEP PreStage, they will appear during updates. Do you have those skipped? Granted this wont be in effect for each device until the next time they're reset—those "skip" settings only seem to apply at activation.


About 1500 of our students & teachers (high school) have updated to iOS10.3 so far. No iOS problems. Some reports of increased disk space and better performance as a result of the file system change.

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We finally went ahead and upgraded our devices.
No issues at all! I guess I just don't give Apple enough credit these days.

Thanks @nigelmarrion and @jbourdon