iOS 11.3 update issues

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Is anyone else having trouble getting iPads to successfully install the 11.3 update OTA?

We have a K-12 1:1 environment in which students keep their iPads from September-June. Because of this, despite my best efforts to keep all devices on the latest iOS versions, we have a broad range of devices running on versions spanning from 11.0-11.3. It seems that many (if not all) devices on 11.0.x are failing to install the 11.3 update, and the only way I can update them in this situation is to use Configurator 2.



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You should have gotten an email from jamf about it late yesterday, too.

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This is a separate issue in which the iOS update fails to install even when done manually and not via MDM.

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What is happening - are they all failing halfway through and requiring you plug them in to complete? At the time of the last inventory update, were the iOS versions of affected devices all over the place from 11.0 and up, or have you been able to narrow it down at all? What version of the JSS are you running? On-prem or cloud hosted?