iOS Self-Service linking problems

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We're having sporadic problems with the links between Self-Service and the app store on ipads. After you choose an app in self-service, Casper assigns the redemption code to the user but never makes it to the app store and redeems the code. Most often the process gets stuck in the iTunes app with a rotating process indicator. Sometimes this will happen with only a single app and other times it will happen with all of them. I haven't been able to find any predictable pattern for when it will occur.

I've found that if you catch it, you can manually enter the redemption code and it works fine. However, some users will try to download an app repeatedly with this result and Casper will assign several codes to that user- none of which have actually been redeemed. It then becomes a problem to find which codes have actually been redeemed and which haven't.

We've tried deleting profiles and reenrolling with no help. In the most extreme case, the only solution was to assign a different iPad to the user and to reset the offending iPad.

Has anyone else seen this issue before and/or have any advice?



Plus One for this issue.

Been having the same thing for some time now. I had been leaning towards it being an issue with our Websense filtering... mainly because its awful in every way :-) Id be interested to hear if your also using web filtering.

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We have a very open filter, so that seems unlikely, but we went ahead and white listed just to be sure.

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We're seeing the same thing as we start deploying our iPads. Sometimes the link goes to the app store entry for the last app that was "installed", other times, we end up at the App store updates page. We're not seeing this on all iPads, but enough that it's frustrating. We're running JSS 8.5.2 in case that matters.