iPad names reverting to JSS Name after being set with MUT

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Originally deployed withprestage set to "Enforce device name" set to Serial Number. Configuration Profile allows name change. Set name VIA MUT and the device gets new name and it looks like it is good for that day...

Next day the device does inventory, and it reverts back to serial#.

Is there any way to fix this aside from wiping 1600 ipads and getting a new prestage? I was not aware that enforcing the mobile device name meant we wouldn't be able to change it from our end later... that's quit the... feature.

IF I set the name MANUALLY, then the name does stick. I really don't want to manually name 1600 ipads though.

The description in Prestage for "Enforce Mobile Device Names" reads - "Mobile device name will revert to the value entered if the device name is changed by the user". This is false. What it should say is "Mobile device name will revert to the value entered if the device name is changed by Any means other than through the JAMF GUI"


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Well I heard back from JAMF support. The answer is if you check the "Enforce Mobile Device Name" on Prestage, thats its name. The only 2 methods around it are manual. Either go through and manually Edit the name and save for every device or go through and uncheck "enfore mobile device name" on every device. (and if you set the name using API the 2nd go around it does hold with the new enforcement). Looks like I have some manual labor to do. /sigh

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We have had the same issue, this is new though this year. We did not have this problem last year, so this is changed behaviour and extremely frustrating. We have had the enforce mobile device name ticked in our prestage for at least 4 years and this has not been an issue until now.

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I also noticed this behavior in 10.26 just the other day. I've had the same settings in my prestage for years and not had this issue.

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Are you preventing users from changing the device name on iOS devices through other means? We typically name with a prefix to configure iPads using smart device groups. By unchecking (Enforce Mobile Device Names) does this mean end users with the devices can change the device name locally and it will stick?

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I'm having this same issue, except with Apple TV..... however this is worrisome some I will need to be doing this with iPads as well. 


I'm currently struggling with this right now. Has anyone gotten a solution from JAMF? I've already gone through and unchecked "Enforce Mobile Device Names" in all of my Prestage Enrollments, but the names are still reverting after using MUT. I have triple checked that there are no restrictions in place that would prevent name changes. The only thing left in place is that "Enforce Mobile Device Name" is still checked off in all the individual iPads.

This has never been a problem in the past. What did JAMF change to break this functionality!? I don't have the time to sit here and manually rename 5,000 devices one by one.

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I'm seeing the same thing.  We turned on "Enforce Mobile Device Name" so I can updated the device names via MUT or JSS interface.  In the past what ever we set via MUT or the interface would then become the name and not change.  Now when an inventory is ran it resets everything to the serial number since that is what was set in the prestage enrollment.  This is definitely a change in how the system used to work.

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+1  We never had this issue prior to this year.  Previously, we used MUT to change device names from serial numbers to usernames.  The MUT seemingly works to change it (devices get the "set name" command), but the names revert back to serials after inventory.  JAMF, please fix this!


Hey, all. In case any of you still need a solution to this problem, I have a method that works perfectly assuming that you host your JSS on-site. I cannot speak for any cloud hosted JSS instances. Before you begin, I highly recommend that you export a CSV with all your mobile devices and set the names as they are supposed to be.

1.) We need to clear the "Enforce Mobile Device Name" check box from your mobile devices en masse. Run the following queries on your server:

update mobile_devices set device_name_type=0;

update mobile_devices set managed_device_name='';

update mobile_devices_denormalized set managed_device_name='';

update mobile_devices_denormalized set device_name_type=0;


2.) Now that the check boxes are cleared out, you will need to use MUT to mass edit the names of all your devices. (This is where the prepped CSV comes in handy.)


3.) (Optional) Now we can re-check the "Enforce Mobile Device Name" box on all mobile devices. Run the following queries to check them all off at once:

update mobile_devices set device_name_type=1;

update mobile_devices set managed_device_name=display_name;

update mobile_devices_denormalized set managed_device_name=display_name;

update mobile_devices_denormalized set device_name_type=1;


I did this on Monday. All of our device names are still set to their correct value and nothing has reverted to the Pre-Stage naming convention. Good luck!