Is there a way to make a Smart Group that generates a list of NONE FileVault 2 Enabled Users

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Hi All.
So in order to have AD Users listed in FileVault2 they have to be enabled. I am using the JAMF script to do that already, however, I like to create an ongoing pop-up message informing NONE FileVault 2 Enabled Users to run the script to enable their account for FileVault2.
I figured a Smart Group is the way to go. But I cant figured the right combination to have this happen. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.


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Honored Contributor II

Not sure if the built in criteria "FileVault 2 User" could do it, failing that you could build a script populated extension attribute that could give you some more options. Something like:


numberOfUsers=$(fdesetup list | grep -c "[A-z 0-9]")

echo "<result>$numberOfUsers</result>


I haven't tried this on a FV enabled Mac with no users enabled though so not sure if zero is possible. I guess if you have an admin user already enabled, you're just looking for ones that only return a 1.