Issues installing Coludera Impala

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Good morning all, I am a new JAMF admin and I have run in to an issue trying to deploy a policy to install Cloudera Impala ODBC 2.6.4. If you click the PKG it appears to install fine, but when you install it from JAMF Pro it just fails with the log below. Any ideas?

I have not added any scrips to the package, I'm directly uploading the .pkg from Coudera to Jamf Admin without any modifications.

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Executing Policy Cloudera Impala ODBC 2.6.4
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Mounting ###
Verifying package integrity...
Installing Cloudera_Impala_ODBC_2.6.4.pkg...
Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is ClouderaImpalaODBC
installer: Certificate used to sign package is not trusted. Use -allowUntrusted to override.
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Unmounting file server...