Jamf Pro 10.50.0 Beta Now Available!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Jamf Nation!

We're excited to announce the Jamf Pro 10.50.0 Beta.

This version has many new enhancements to configuration profiles including Smart Card authentication for Platform SSO, new FileVault enhancements, and several new Restriction options. 

How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at account.jamf.com. Once enrolled, you’ll see a link to the Jamf Nation Beta Forum. Note: There will be a short delay between enrollment and Beta Forum access; you will receive a notification in Jamf Nation to join. When you receive the invitation, click "Join this group Hub". Email beta@jamf.com with questions.

The beta program is covered by the Jamf non-disclosure agreement; please do not share any information regarding your testing on any public forum, including the non-beta areas of Jamf Nation. Use the Jamf Nation Beta Forum or contact Jamf via beta@jamf.com with any questions. Thank you to all who participate in this program!



IMO, the most sought-after feature in any upcoming release of JAMF pro is the ability to set an update deadline for macOS updates, so adnibs don't have to issue update commands from JAMF pro and thus remove the need for any manual admin action in order to keep macOS devices up to date. That functionality is there in macOS 14, but needs MDM support to deploy that type of configuration. Please prioritize! :)

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+1 on macOS updates and also iOS Enforcement updates from DDM.

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while @foobarfoo makes a great point, one of the other features I'm looking forward to is remote assistance through Jamf

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+1 to all of this- when will Jamf start offering DDM beyond status updates?