Jamf Pro 10 API Breaking Bugs

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Changes to features in Jamf Pro 10 have caused some breaking problems for us and other customers who rely on the API to create and manage policies. Some are serious enough to prevent us upgrading to Jamf 10. I wanted to make these as well known as possible, so others considering the upgrade to v10 test their workflows before upgrading, and to encourage everyone to add their support cases so that the impact is realised by Jamf.


  1. Policies created using the API which add a Self-Service entry will not show the policy name in Self Service, or indeed any text at all. Your end users will have to guess what the item is based on the icon. This is only solved by manually clicking Edit and Save in the JSS GUI for every policy. The reason for this is the new “Self Service Display Name” field, which is not available in the API. In the GUI some trickery auto-fills this field with the Policy Name if it is left empty, but this doesn’t work for new items imported via the API.

  2. Packages cannot be uploaded to a Jamf Cloud Distribution Server (JCDS) via the API or any other automated means. This means that anyone who uses AutoPkg on Jamf Cloud has to manually upload the packages produced by AutoPkg using the GUI, or add a local distribution point.

  3. The new “Self Service Secondary Action” button is not available in the API, and is auto-filled with “Reinstall” regardless of the purpose of the policy. If you create policies such as “Run”, “Upgrade”, “Uninstall”, “Make Me Admin” or whatever, this button will always state “Reinstall” after its first use, unless you manually go and edit the policy in the JSS GUI, which could be very confusing for the user.

I and others have created support tickets and feature requests for these, but they really need many more votes to get noticed by Jamf.

Please consider upvoting the Feature Request - Add new Self Service policy options to the API if you have time, and more importantly, open a ticket with Jamf Support stating the impact this has. I can only imagine that there are large companies and MSPs that cannot seriously consider upgrading to Jamf Pro 10 while these issues remain unaddressed.



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Valued Contributor III

Also worth noting this FR to facilitate uploads to cloud distribution points via API or at least some other kind of no.... There are a few related FRs floating around, like:
- Optional display name for Self Service Policies via API
- Secondary Button for Self Service Policies by API

I have a feeling more than just a few orgs are impacted by the lack of API options for the new Self Service functionality. It seems like a massive oversight that the changes to SS policy options were not included in the API alongside the new features in the Jamf Pro Server UI.

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To piggyback on this, I just posted a FR to allow LDAP group members to access the API. It doesn't make any sense that an LDAP user can login to the GUI based strictly of LDAP group membership, but will be denied access when connecting to the API. I'm on 9.101, so I am not 100% sure this is still an issue in 10.