Jamf Pro Performance Cleaning and Fine (AKA Health Check)

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I'm trying to come up with a list of items to check for someone to do a health check of Jamf.

Do you all have any other things to check?

Some ideas so far are:

Check Pre-Stage settings
Remove unused: 1. Scripts 2. PKGS 3. Printers 4. Remove old devices 5. Polices 6. MDM profiles 7. Check patch polices 8. Remove any Unmanaged Devices
Check restricted software polices Clean up smart groups
Clean up static groups

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@kerickson You might want to re-create this thread with a different subject, say something like "Jamf Pro Spring Cleaning". The words "Health Check" in conjunction with Jamf Pro usually refer to determining if the JSS app is running: Jamf Pro Health Check Page

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Take a look at Spruce on Github, repo link

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@tlarkin Thanks I have used that script. Really trying to build this as a service for future clients.

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