Jamf recon: Updating a single value in a JSS computer record

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Does running command “sudo jamf recon -department Accounting” update the "department" value in the JSS (and then stop) or does it also still perform a full "normal" recon inventory update too? When looking at logs it appears that the Mac client does a full recon.

I was hoping the example command above would be fairly fast (i.e.; get in, update a JSS value and get out) but it seems unnecessarily long for the relatively simple task Im trying to accomplish (I don't want to upload an entire inventory in this scenario).


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it does do a full recon but then also updates the attributes that don't get set normally. However as the way an inventory update in the DB works it's better to have a full recon anyway. if you only update one attribute, say using an api call jamf copies the last record then changes the one being set so you have no space or time saving at all so you might as well have a real full update than a synthetic one.