Jamf Remote with Random Management Password

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FYI I received this from support with regards to having a management account with random password-

Unfortunately due to PI-005649 'Jamf Remote does not connect with a random 16 character password set for the mgmt. account' we will not be able to use Jamf remote if we want to use a randomized management account password. There is not yet a slated release for a fix. I have tied this case to the product issue to give it more weight. The workaround at this time is to use a static password for the management account.

The issue i was having was when trying to screenshare with a machine through Jamf Remote, I was getting status message "An incorrect Username/Password is entered for this computer". Hope this saves from people a headache.


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Are you sure you're management account password is set correctly ?
It might occur that a management password is not setable because of password policy.

I suggest :
- Reset Management Account password to a random 16 (or whatever under 20) using a policy
- Make sure the policy succeeds
- Try again Jamf Remote

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See this FR : https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/4292/add-password-complexity-options-for-management-account

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In case anyone else comes across this post, I spoke with Jamf Support today and they said that the PI in reference (PI-005649) has not been resolved, but they offered these workarounds:

Use a random password that is less than 16 characters
Use a Mass Action to update the Management Account information server-side

I haven't yet tested either, just wanted to spread the information.