#jamfnation is now open on the Freenode IRC Network!

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Wait what now?
We now have an unofficial IRC channel for everyone to discuss the JAMF Software Casper Suite among fellow Macadmins. Talk features, ask questions, contribute ideas, seek guidance, everything we do on JAMF Nation but in real-time chat.

Is this official?
No, the channel is not run by anyone at JAMF Software, however we did get a gracious nod from Jake Mosey. (Thanks @jake!) Channel participants are other JAMF Nation members like you!

How do I access it?
If you want to dip your feet in, Freenode runs a free webchat client, or you can sign up for IRC Cloud, then you won't miss out on chat in the channel when you close your laptop, and it's also accessible on mobile devices. Traditional IRC clients are plentiful too, just look up the Freenode connection guide.

What about ##osx-server?
That IRC channel rocks! This is just another place for Casper admins to gather.

What else should I know
Anyone is welcome in the channel, but be nice to each other. We have adopted Freenode's Channel Guidelines along with the JAMF Nation Community Guidelines. In addition, it's a long read but everyone should look at How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.


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Nice, kudos for setting this up! Is there a read only logs page?


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Logs are super helpful for referencing conversations, hoping to have botbot.me running soon!


Oh, nice work @adamcodega!

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There's no chat logging as of yet but it's in the works. We're a friendly bunch and we've discussed everything from setting unique passwords on local admin accounts to @macmule insisting that I never be given IRC ops :D

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It's been a fun week or so trialling it. Found more than a few times it can help.

Oh & that @macmule guy is right, no Ops for @franton :)

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Good stuff @adamcodega, I'm there!

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Just got on it. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone! We are excited to kick it off this week.

If you join us, feel free to ask out loud if you have a question, some people feel nervous when they are new or just hang out and see what sort of conversation pipes up.

The channel is better the more people hang out versus coming online and then leaving when your questions are answered.

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I have to say, I've been enjoying the growth, from when it was the 5 of us to over 60 of us, its great.

Logs got setup yesterday for those who want to just read.

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Great conversations so far! There were about 60 of us logged in yesterday for a while.

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seems that we have around 40-60 each day :)