#JNUC Using 802.1x with the Casper Suite


Thanks again to Andy and Gene from Hopkins School District for presenting on this topic. Please feel free to use this JAMF Nation thread to continue discussing this topic.



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I'd love it if they could post their presentation etc as I was unable to attend JNUC..

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Yup, Is there a link to any of the docs?

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Who also experienced wifi 60s disconnect/reconnect problems while using 802.1x? I would like to maybe meet up and compare notes.


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@ xDunes- that'd be me!
we've got cisco access points, system-level 802.1x profiles using certificate-based authentication.
apple says this is a known race condition in 10.8.x, fix will only be available in 10.9. their only suggested workaround for 10.8.x was to use a user-level profile for wifi, which doesn't work so well for us. Let me know where/when you'd like to gather. Ben Toms is also using a similar config, but is not having the drops, it'd probably be useful to compare notes with him, too!

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@nkkalister-Would noon, Thursday on the bottom part of endless bridge by the windows work?

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Sure, that works for me, I'll see you there!

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I'll join you too. We have the random disconnect problem

(I have an orange shirt on, bleach blond hair)

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Hi guys,

Sorry I couldn't offer a solution & could only advise it's working for me.

Let me know what I can do to test/assist.

I think the feeling was that this could be a firmware issue on the WLAN Controllers &/or AP's.

We're running old firmware (v7.0.116 I believe). Which maybe why it works.

I guess it could also be model based, I can check against what you guys have Monday if wanted.

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Hey guys,

unfortunately i couldn't make it to JNUC, but i've been playing with 802.1x WiFi with machine certificates lately too.
So far i've had only one machine that had 60s timeouts (happened to be my own 2012 MBP).
I was using an unsigned profile for testing. As soon as i signed the profile, it started working.
Has anyone experienced something similar?
On an identical 2012 MBP i had no timeout issues using an unsigned profile,
so i'm unsure whether it was just a coincidence...

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We still experienced issues with a signed profile on 10.8.5.

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Would love to see the video of this session.