JSS Configuration Profile UX pontification/woes

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Hopefully a relatively quick post. Fairly rough. Few opinions on the state of configuration profile management in the JSS, maybe some changes I'd hope to see sometime.



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Completely agree. Configuration Profiles are great but the current implementation creates too many bugs.


Thank you Owen.

I completely agree too.

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I have been railing on this for years and have an open ticket with Apple.

If not even close to fair to hold JAMF to a higher standard this is totally on Apple.. and Apple's refusal to do the work to change out of the MCX formatting to the "right way" configuration profiles should be formatted.

With profiles it need to be made one setting per profile. No subsetting, no tabs, not group together!! One setting per profile period.

I only skimmed you post as this is a super hot topic for me and I wanted to post right away, but I feel this is an Apple issue as if Jamf changed at least three things would happen.

  1. All the new Mac admins wouldn't understand because it doesn't look like Apple Configurator
  2. Jamf Nation would revolt, be cause it wasn't the same as before.
  3. Perspective Jamf clients would all ask why is different than all the other MDM...

We all need to open ticket with Apple and force Apple to change, however I don't see this happening as I can't think of a good way to formate, one setting per profile.

You would have to start with a massive list and maybe some thing dynamic and when you selected setting it would pop "lock setting on" or "lock setting off" and then it would generate the profile? I just don't know how to make it work in the GUI.


PS It's my understand that the other MDM have all the same issues with profiles as Jamf does, I have verified at least one has the hidden settings enable that are not in the GUI and Apple on Sever App show the same behavior too. I won't be surprised if Apple isn't providing the base code that all the MDM manufactures start with.