Logmein zerotouch

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Has anyone been able to push LogMeIn zero touch using PPPC files?


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I also want to know it.

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This is also something we're looking to do at our shop.  We have a business requirement that all of our computer deployments be zero touch - however, Logmein is prompting for admin credentials to allow it all the permissions it needs to works.  Has anyone successfully configured a deployment with PPPC files that allows all permissions, or at least allows a non-admin user to set them?  Thanks.

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What permissions are you referring to? Generally speaking the vendor should be able to provide the Configuration Profiles to set permissions for their application. However, it is possible to do this work yourself. The one major catch is some settings like Screen Recording cannot be "0-touched" as Apple does not allow it. Screen Recording can be set to disallow, or Allow non-admin to approve, you cannot set Screen Recording to Allow.