Managed Installation of FileMaker Pro 16

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I've been meaning to figure for some time how we can manage the installation and updates of FileMaker Pro on our network using Jamf, particularly since managing updates of the FileMaker has migrated to an in app process that our users always put off.

It's not very well documented for version 16, but I found this link that showed me the way:

Some of the stuff it talks about is unnecessary because all we want to do is create a .pkg that includes scripts to complete registration, so this is how create a custom .pkg which includes all license information for silent installation or updates:

  1. Create an installer folder on your computer for the installation files. I used ~/Desktop/FMP

  2. Copy the following files to that folder

  3. The FileMaker Pro Installer.pkg
  4. Assisted Install.txt personalised as required (see instructions on this via link above)

Note To locate on the FileMaker.dmg, you must show hidden files. In the Terminal application in OS X, type the following on one line, then press Return:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES ; killall Finder
  1. Download the Apple Remote Desktop Deployment script for FileMaker Pro. The script can be found in the file located at

  2. Start Terminal and type:

    cd ~/Desktop/FMP
  3. Type the following command to make the script executable:

    sudo chmod +x ./
  4. Type the following to run the script:

    ./ ~/Desktop/FMP

The script creates a personalized .pkg installer in the ~/Desktop/FMP folder that you can use to deploy via Jamf. The only negative is that there’s no way of creating smaller update .pkg’s for point releases, but the full package is only a few hundred megabytes in size so it shouldn’t cause any real issues.

Hope that's helpful.


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Where are you getting the full updated installer?

Following your directions, I got it installed (thank you) but it immediately asks the user to update.

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also working for me, thnx for posting