Need some guidance on the PPPC tool.

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Good morning,

I'm having some trouble understanding the PPPC tool, and could use some guidance.

For "Apple Events" do the 3 I have selected apply to most situations?

Asking because we got this pesky issue with SEP throwing prompts for Legacy extensions and we can't seems to figure that out.

Other things include software like Bomgar. Always requires admin approval on prompts, was wondering if this could be taken care of using PPPC. I do realize this would be a non-issue on Big Sur.



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@dlprentice PPPC settings don't apply for Kernel Extensions (aka Legacy Extensions). You'll need a Approved Kernel Extensions payload for that.

Regarding Bomgar, there is no pre-approval possible for microphone, camera, or screen recording access. On Catalina a standard user _can_a prove screen recording despite it looking to be disabled.