Package Upload issues w/ Xfinity Gateway router?

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Jamf Cloud customer. Hybrid worker (partially at home, partially in the office). When I work from home, I can't upload Packages. I have Xfinity 1GB service and their Gateway router. No issues when I'm working in the office. The Package starts to upload, then stalls somewhere between 1-3% and just hangs indefinitely from that point. This happens both in the Jamf Pro cloud admin console, and when using the Jamf Admin application. I used the Xfinity App to setup port forwarding for ports 548/445, but I can't select AFB/SMB as a protocol. (Administrator work station connections:


Jamf support is blaming Xfinity. Xfinity won't give me time of the day because the computer is connected to the internet and reporting no issues with their troubleshooting tool. Before running out to buy my own Router/ Modem, is there anything else I can try?


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@g_riordan Is the Cloud DP your primary DP? Uploads to it are not done via SMB or AFP protocol, they're done via HTTPS on port 443. If you have an on-prem DP as your primary DP you're not going to be able to upload anything to it unless you have a VPN connection to your internal network (theoretically you could have a DP in your DMZ that would allow uploads, but that would be a gross violation of security best practices). You might try changing the IPv6 setting for your Mac at home to Link-Local Only (see the Network setting in System Preferences/Settings).

We only have Cloud DP, no on-prem in our environment. 

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So your problem is definitely not with traffic on ports 548/445 then.

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I'm in the Northeast on Xfinity's 1.2 Gbps down/35 Mbps up service with the leased Xfinity xFi gateway, and have no issues with package uploads.  No special settings, works over VPN as well. Last year Xfinity updated the service and provided a new gateway, but it was working great before then as well.

We're using cloud DP as well.