Patch Management to patch Office 2016 as a suite

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Anybody worked with Jamf's patch management and the Office 2016 definitions? Jamf has them all separated, and I figured I would just pick Outlook and assign the current suite to it. Any problems doing it that way?


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The only concern I'd have is that during the update process user could have some of the apps open, which the installer doesn't like particularly.
P.S.: Also Outlook had some minor deviations in versioning from the rest of the office suite in the past, so this might be of some concern.

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I have an FR open to do full-suite for patch definitions.

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I've tested patching them all using one of the individual app patch title policies, it definitely has undesirable side-effects and I would not recommend it.

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The problem with Office 2016 is that Microsoft Auto Update only checks for apps that have been opened so users can have quite different versions on their devices depending on what has and hasn't been opened.
But yes for most people updating the whole suite is going to be a better solution than dealing with them individually.

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I usually scope mine to Outlook and Word as they're the two that pretty much everyone has to use at some point.

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Hi, I am not using Jamf's patch management right now. But I have separated the Office Updates by myself after using it for a while your way.
The Problem I had was, that if I scope e.g. to Outlook and Outlook update was successful, but e.g. Word update was unsuccessful I hat to do the whole suite again or separate it for these clients anyway. So I decided one time to do it separately from the beginning. But depends on your Clients, we have a lot of MacBook Pros an they are a lot on the road, so very often the online time for a complete Office Suite Update is to short and breaks.