Pending - Application is not available to install

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We use VPP-managed device-based app assignments for our iPads. Starting about 3-4 days ago, suddenly all our app installs have become stuck at "Pending - Application is not available to install". The strange thing is, this is only happening on newer iPads, as our old Air 1's are able to enroll and receive their apps fine.

I've tried letting some of them sit for upwards of 24 hours in case it was just slowness, but they never progress beyond there. We've tried full restarts of the iPads, and clearing all pending commands and issuing another inventory update / push, none of which do anything.

The only temporary workaround is to go into our Volume Purchasing settings in JAMF Pro and manually refresh each individual app's licenses. This generally will cause the app installs to proceed for iPads that are currently stuck, but not in 100% of cases, and any iPads set up or apps requested after the refresh will continue to be stuck until the licenses are refreshed yet again.

Anyone else seeing or seen something similar happen and know of a solution? I have a support request open, but we're deploying thousands of iPads next week and students are going to need to start installing apps soon.




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Jamf says we are not affected by the database issue, so that workaround is no use. I added two additional free apps this morning in VPP, and so far they show in scope with no attempts at installation, no errors, nothing. Support has taken to asking the same questions over and over expecting a different answer???

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Patiently waiting while holding the door against teachers and students...hold door...HODOR!

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So in a cloud JAMF environment how do you get to run commands? My entire distribution is now crippled with this problem.

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@DrStr4ng3 I'd imagine support should be able to do that for you.

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Going to add this to the "me too" pile.

Anyone else getting this error while still going through the rest? I cant get through this problem without manually installing the app as the refresh isn't 100% guaranteed. 056b55f3bd81471f924661ea83d838b1


Our issue resolved after running the vpp command against sql. It's been fine since and we are on 10.18. Logs are clean. We have our test server on 10.24.2. So far so good. Only issue I saw upgrading, was that I had to upload our DEP tokens again on both instances of our test environments. Logs were constant with "DeviceEnrollmmentProgramException[responseCode=403, responseBody='token_rejectedForbidden', message='An error occurred during oath token refresh']. As soon as I uploaded the DEP token again, the log errors went away and so did the red triangle in the console.

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We attempted the following and it worked for us:

On Jamf Pro, navigate to Settings > Global Management > Volume Purchasing

Select the relevant account used for the problematic app.
Navigate to the "Content" tab
Ensure you are on "iOS App" column and click "Refresh" on one of the apps. does not have to be specifically the problematic app. This may take 5 minutes to reflect.

Check the management log on the problematic mobile device object.


On ipads, we have had success for some, by deleting self service, checking in and sending a blank push, then self service reinstalls for us, then pending apps all come down. I know we shouldn't have to do this but I wonder if there is a binary in the back end like on Mac OS devices, that won't let self service communicate properly, or if self service doesn't update....

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Bumping this thread. This is happening to us for some apps. Jamf confirms it is an ASM issue.

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Just to add, we are seeing a similar issue again this morning, but it's not the same as the original issue which we also saw back in September. This time, refreshing the app in the VPP settings doesn't fix the problem, but it appears that only a handful of apps aren't working. Also the logs show Error number 9628 and that the License is not eligible for device assignment.


I'm having deja vu...terrible terrible deja vu. We're seeing this again in our environment too. Opened a ticket.

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Seeing same for the last hour or so, three different schools so far
“Pending - All licenses are in use or the license in not assigned yet”
One was a newly acquired app from ASM, some are apps trying to update their versions, some are on newly activated iPads being set up and some apps will not download. Not all apps are stuck, and some are starting to go but other apps are queuing up and getting the error. On phone with Apple now to report.

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My Apps are starting to flow, Apple had no news and recommended refreshing the VPP token (s).
I did that on one, but looked like issue had started to resolve prior to me doing it.