Policy deferral - anyway to log deferment selection?


Our Mac users are instructed to log out everyday and of course a good majority do not.

The primary reason is an ongoing policy to check for OS X updates upon logout.
3-days after a new update is released, I create a policy to force the update to unpatched Macs.

Part of the policy is to allow deferment of 3-days before the Mac is patched and restarted.
We have a number of users who claim they were not able to select deferment and their Mac updated and restarted on their own.

Three Questions -
1. How does the deferment policy work if the end user ignores the option?
2. Is the deferment option selected be logged locally or deep in the JAMF Pro records? The policy logs do not show any info on the deferment selection.
3. Is there a better way to inform end-users of pending system updates?