PPPC Profile randomly fails


Hi All,

We use ISL for remote assistance. I added a new line as per ISL supports guidance but then the PPPC profile started to fail on random devices.

I've removed the additional line but the profile is still failing on random devices.

The error in the management log is:
"In the payload (UUID: 5C3CDB37-76DB-4AC6-B82E-ACCF1F2A9345), the required key 'Allowed' is missing."

Now, I'm not using a key that has "allowed" as an option, it's just "Deny" or "Allow standard user to allow" which is what I choose.

Anyone come across this issue before?


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For reference, I've the same issue with TeamViewer and I noted that using big sur it works, while with catalina fails with that error message

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Don't suppose you've tracked down a cause, have you?


Jamf support told me that it looks like a bug in Jamf and they will look into fixing it in a future release and thats all I got.

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Just want to drop a me too in here. Our cloud instance was updated to 10.28 and im seeing this in a PCCC profile and in my case it seems to be only failing on 10.15.7 machines so thats fun 😞 Big Sur and the couple of mojaves I still have kicking around are taking the same profile fine.


Are you referring to giving the app access to screen recording via a PPPC policy payload?

I believe the "Allow standard user to allow" key is only valid on Big Sur and any previous OS will reject it producing that error.

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We also have exactly the same issue. The UUID is different, but the error is the same - Mojave and Big Sur both complete successfully, Catalina comptuers all fail.

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@Perry84 Any updates on this from Jamf? We've started seeing it also. And it definitely appears to be 10.15.7.


No word from Jamf 😞

I've just excluded Catalina devices now as we had a massive problem where all the failed profile installs filled up our logs and our Jamf instance basically fell over!!!