Pre-JNUC Meetup possible venue change?

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I was excited to see the RSVPs quickly jump to almost 20, however Brit's Pub has told me they are hosting another private event that night.

We could try showing up and making due with what's available but I wouldn't want to disappoint or have a packed house there.

Aloft Hotel next to the Guthrie and where many of us are staying, has a nice bar and lounge with table games and a small food menu, Day Block Brewing is near the Aloft as well. They have a bar and restaurant side which would make it convenient for people to split into smaller groups. (Day Block is where Macbrained hold's it's JNUC party)

Any other thoughts?


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Both sound good, Day Block Brewing probably gets my vote over the Aloft.

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There's always Grumpy's.


Grumpy's Tots rule! There's also the crooked pint, its pretty big.

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The Crooked Pint isn't far away and could handle a large group based on Code 42's party there last year. Not too far away either.


Day Block, Grumpy's and Crooked Pint are all right there in the area. I think any of them would be fine, as we would likely overfill The Aloft bar area with this many people. Maybe we can call and see if Crooked or Grumpy's can hold 30 - 50 (Leaving headroom of course!). Let me know if you need me to call around :)


Grumpy's is holding a room for us (the "side room") for most of the evening. They said that people in and out, along with food and drink (IE ordering anything, anytime) was no issue at all. Bring cash (or credit!), an appetite, and a friend. See everyone Monday night!

Please feel free to message adamcodega or sean_m_harper on slack with any concerns :)