Preventing user files from saving to local SSD

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Hello all


We got requirement to prevent users from saving files locally and only allow saving into OneDrive. 

Has anyone done something like that or has an idea on how to? I would very much appreciate all and any input.


Thanks in advance


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@etarasula You can force OneDrive to "backup" a user's Desktop and Documents folders into OneDrive (see and specifically the KFMBlockOptOut and KFMSilentOptIn options) but other than that trying to prevent the saving of files locally would likely be an exercise in frustration.

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I was hoping somehow permissions can be "messed with" to prevent user from writing onto SSD but i am not sure MacOS would allow for that. 

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MacOS is not designed like Windows. You cannot do things like home folder redirects. If you were to change permissions folders within a users profile you would likely break a lot of things as you tried to dial things down.

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Sadly i fear you are quite right about that :(

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