Priority of Wi-Fi Networks when using a Configuration Profile

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Our company is ever expanding and as we add new offices I add the wireless networks to our existing configuration profile for all the different company wireless networks. This allows traveling employees to just hop on the wifi of the current office automatically. I recently added a few new locations and noticed that when I reapplied the configuration profile to all existing computers, the wireless networks are ALL added to the bottom of the priority list. This means that if there is a Starbucks nearby the office, the users computer will likely hop on that network first, as ALL (not just the new) work wireless networks have dropped to the absolute bottom of the priority list.

Any thoughts on a way to control this better? Feature request? I really don't want tons of configuration profiles for each and every wireless network, nor chunks of them as I add a few at a time as they tend not to fit in logical groupings. I would not mind doing that if for example they were all the new Chicago offices or something like that, but that is not how we are expanding infrastructure wise.


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