question for distribution point on premise

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I dont understand how it works. The first try from my side, to create a windows share with the IIS on the same server, where jamf pro runs didnt work. I read later about it, that the distribution point can't be on the same server like jamf pro.
So now we want to create a https distribution point on one of our webserver which is in our dmz. For what exactly we need then the smb or afp fileshare which must be configured also for the distribution point. We dont like the idea to put our smb fileshare in the internet. How the connection between https share and the smb must be configured?
The jamf pro server we only need as lab and as productiv.

Thank you very much in advance



This explains the process pretty well, we've ditched our Mac Minis and only use Windows DP's now which I've set up following this guide each time:

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Your link is either bad or deprecated


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Hi Guys, thanks for your answers. I forgot all about question from my side. I solved this issue with support from jamf pro and as distribiton point we took the aws cloud

So from my side this is solved.