"unknown versions" in patch policies

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We are setting up the patch policies for the various MSOffice apps and I noticed that the number of computers that have different versions are listed individually....which is great; however, there's also a listing for unknown version. We began to investigate and it appears those machines don't have any of the MSOffice apps at all. Could that be what JamfPro is calling "unknown"? Is JP looking at the report of the computer, not seeing a version and basically saying "I didn't see a version number listed so I can't tell you what it has."? This may be a "duh" moment, but I was hoping for verification from someone who's addressed this before we go verifying on 3K machines that they all, in fact, are identical in this regard.


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Im getting this as well and it doesn't look good when you go show your patch report to your manager

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@gmorgan Computers that do not have the title in question are not supposed to be in the patch report. So "Unknown" does not necessarily mean that the software is not installed.

For example for the patch title "Microsoft AutoUpdate" uses an Extension Attribute script as shown below.

RESULT="Not Installed"
if [ -f "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft AutoUpdate.app/Contents/Info.plist" ] ; then
RESULT=$( /usr/bin/defaults read "/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft AutoUpdate.app/Contents/Info.plist" CFBundleVersion )

/bin/echo "<result>$RESULT</result>"

If the script is finding something, but the "$RESULT" does not match a "Definition" for the Patch Title then it will show as an unknown. Also, there is a small gap between when a software manufacturer i.e. Microsoft, releases a new update and when Jamf publishes this "Definition" for the patch. In that time window the newest version may be seen as "Unknown".

Depending on what Patch Title you are looking at it could be seeing "Something" and that doesn't match a definition version.

Now if your selected Patch Title is something like "Excel" that is recorded as part of a normal inventory update. (When /Applications is scanned) so if this is the case, I would find a computer that shows as "Unknown" go to that computer record, go to "Apps" find the relevant application in the list for the Patch Title you are investigating and see what version is listed there, and see if that version is listed in the "definition" list for the patch title.

Hope this helps clarify.