Recon: Include home directory sizes?

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Informal poll: How many of you have your JSS configured to Include home directory sizes in your Recon policy?

I’m asking because my end-users are scientists with tons of data files, scripts etc in their homedirs - which causes recon jobs to run for a very long time in many cases. Hydrating files on OneDrive cloud-synced folders is also an unwanted side-effect of a Recon into ~/. I’m considering disabling this option in my JSS Inventory settings.



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Honestly wasn't aware of this option, but would not have it enabled if it existed because of a similar situation with some of our users. When I read the subject my first thought was that an EA running du -h -d 1 /Users may be the way to go, as within jamf pro you're only going to get a list of home folder sizes anyway...

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@dstranathan I have that option turned off for exactly the reasons you mention. I do have EAs for collecting sizes for specific directories in the home folder we want to keep tabs on, like the ever needlessly growing ~/Library/Application Support/WebEx Folder


I disabled it, personally in Fintech there's no reason for it.