Report Count of macOS Versions

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I am trying to get a basic report of macOS versions and the count of Macs with that version. This seems like an easy report to generate but I can't seem to find a way in Jamf to display this. Am I missing something? If not, how do you all report on OS counts?


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@reidg Is a screen shot an acceptable report format? If so you can create a Patch Management configuration for "macOS" that will show all of the various macOS version sin your environment but there's no way to export it except by taking a screenshot.

If you really need a text representation I'd suggest creating an Advance Computer Search with the criteria Managed is Managed to select all of your enrolled devices, and with the "Operating System Version" and "Operating System Build" Display items enabled. Download that report then open it with Excel and create a PivotTable to identify unique entries under "Operating System Version"

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@sdagley That seems to get me close. I was hoping to see it at a higher version level (macOS 12, 13, 14, etc.). 

For now, I created some smart groups based on OS version and pinned them to the dashboard. It would be nice if the OS version field supported regex. I used greater than/less than criteria and the sems to work. 


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Generally speaking, we don't allow multiple versions of macOS. Everyone must be 100% current within 14 days of release. The only exemption to this is for about a 60-day window after a new major macOS update is released (MacOS 13 > macOS 14).


As for reporting I have an inventory report that has the OS version listed. If I need it graphically, I export it and do some excel magic with graphs and charts.