Restore From iCloud on Supervised Device

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It seems I'm unable to restore an iCloud backup onto a device supervised by DEP. The option doesn't appear, I get a restore from iTunes or set up as a new phone option, but no restore from iCloud backup. Am I missing a tick box somewhere?


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Your DEP Enrollment Profile probably has the box ticked to skip restore from backup/icloud.

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My box isn't checked and I still don't get the option. I'm going to open up a ticket.

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Are you trying to restore an iCloud backup onto the same device that created the backup, or onto a different device?

The reason I ask is that, per Apple spec and protocol, a device backed up to the iCloud with the MDM profiles also included in that backup should not be able to restored to a device that is not the original device on which the backup was made.

If this is the situation you're in, I'd recommend contacting your Apple rep to make a feature request.

If this is not the situation you're in, please contact Support if you have not done so already.

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We're having the same problem.
The option "Restore from iCloud" is not on the list of possible restore options in the welcome guide. (screen shot provided in swedish, it's an iPhone 7 128GB DEP phone with iOS 11.2)

I don't really think that is the problem you're talking about mr Wulff; if that would be the problem I imagine I should be able to choose restore from iCloud in the first prompt, login, and then get an error message (or the backup point is not visible).

In this case me an Thomas seem to have, the phone can't know if the backup is from the same unit or not, since I haven't logged in to iCloud, so it can't know which backups I have.

It might be a problem with iOS11, the option is there on other phones with iOS10.


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Hi I've been asked to enable this as disaster recovery.

You need to uncheck "Restore" and "Apple ID and iCloud" in the Pre-Stage.

For our purpose I have the initial set up skip restore as we don't want to allow users to restore from home devices but we do want to be able to restore from internally configured devices, on request, the device is assigned to a clone of the Pre-Stage with the above options unchecked.f39c5ccb963c4c19a9fd3ea629820931

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I think it’s a problem with os11 I am doing a restore and do not see my back up as an option. But when setting up as new but putting in the appleid I can see the back up under storage. I just can not restore. And yes we have it unchecked in the prestage.