scoping office 2016

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I'm trying to setup a smart group to figure out what machines need their office 2016 updated to the current version. The problem is that most machines still have office 2011 on them. So when I create a smart group for the not like 16. it picks up the office 2011 v14.7.7 and keeps them in the 2016 upgrade group even though the machine already has v16.9

I know the easiest solution is to remove 2011, but that's going to be a ticket driver once I remove it.


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App Version like 15. or App Version is like 16. and App Version not like 16.9

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I did not like 16. and it's still putting them in the smart group, it's seeing the v14 and stopping the calculation there it seems.

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JAMF 10 has the Office 2016 products in the patch management section, you might find the easiest way to approach this is to use that functionality.