Share static download links for app installers here

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Many software publishers provide static (non-changing) links that always point to the latest release.

Consider this download link for Zoom:

It works, but it always downloads version, even if a newer version is available. Now, consider this download link.

Zoom (Intel):


As the name suggests, it always points to the latest release. You can use that URL with a Universal Installer script (like the one found here) to create a Jamf policy that never needs to be updated.

Similar static links are available for lots of other apps, but they're not always easy to find.

That's why I created this thread.  It is my hope that others will share these static links here, so that this thread can be a continuing resource to Jamf Admins.

Here are a few more.

Zoom (Apple Silicon):

Coconut Battery:


Google Chrome (Universal):


Webex (Intel):

 Webex (Apple Silicon):



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Not that this thread isn't useful, but rather than posting download links here you could refer people to where searching for the an app of interest will show an associated downloadURL for it.

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Zoom has a universal installer intended for IT deployments:


Firefox ESR:


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If you're going to do something like this it should probably be kept in GitHub or some sort of source control. That way people can create pull requests for additions or changes. Otherwise, it's going to take a ton of scrolling to maybe find what you want.