Some computers fail automatic checkin

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I have a four computers which don't regularly checkin. It's my understanding, this is done by the Jamf binary, and is scheduled by /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.jamfsoftware.task.1.plist

However, I have a bit of a struggle to go from there. The only computer I have access to is my own (probably next week I can debug another computer). When I check the com.jamfsoftware.task.1 global daemon on my own computer with Launch Control I see it has an error state, with exit code 1.

When I check jamf help policy, exit code 1 is not documented...

And when I run the same command from the command line, the exit code is also 1, and there are no error messages... Any pointers?



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Exit codes are documented in scripts, it wont be in jamf help unless Jamf put it in their help pages. I believe Jamf has event logging for this task disabled, so there probably won't be anything in console logs but it's worth checking.


What happens when you run sudo jamf policy -verbose manually on an effected device?