SSO sign in not keeping account preferences in JSS

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Whenever I sign in using SSO, my account loses all preferences previously set. Anyone else seeing this issue with 9.93?


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We just setup SSO (ADFS) with our test JSS and when I go change preferences like display inventory options they seem to stick between log outs. Are those the type of preferences you're referring to?

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I actually haven't checked those preferences yet. Search Preferences are what I'm having trouble with. I'll change the computer search from "exact" to "contains" and after I log out and log back in it will have changed back to "exact."

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Hi Greg

Can you provide more info about how your SSO is setup?
In particular:

  • provider
  • if you are logging via user or group
  • user mapping


Issue was localized and fixed, next version should function just fine.

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Hi, We've raised a bug for this, confirmed by JAMF and replicated.

No ETA on fix however.



As of the Casper Suite 9.97, user preferences are saved in JSS when using SSO. At this time, we believe we have solved this issue. However, we continue to look for feedback from the members here on whether or not the feature released meets all the needs of various environments. If there is a need to enhance this feature, please help us understand the current priority of that need by submitting a new feature request. Submitting a new request rather than maintaining this older one will help us reset the bar with this community. We continue to analyze feature requests to assist in understanding where the community’s needs are at during this point in time as we plan for the future. Thanks for the great post, we look forward to your feedback!