Troubles Swapping SSID While Changing Roles via Setup App

New Contributor

I am deploying the Jamf Setup app with Extension Attributes that are tied to different Smart Groups, and in turn, different configuration profiles.

I have a main configuration profile, which is applied to all devices. This restricts all devices to only connect to Managed Networks.

I have two different SSID configurations, each one associated with a specific role. When devices swap from one role to another, I'd like the device to forget the old network and reconnect to the new one.

Here's the problem I'm facing with it: when a device selects a new role, it removes the SSID payload (forgetting the network), but doesn't install the new SSID payload before doing this. Thus, the iPad is stuck disconnected from WiFi with no SSID payload and a configuration profile that prevents it from connecting to any network.

Is there a way around this? Can I implement some way in which the iPad installs the new SSID before deleting the old? Is there a different way to solve this problem?

Essentially, my goal is to prevent devices with each specific role from connecting to the other SSID that is available in the area. I'd like to separate different devices to different SSID's. However, these devices sometimes change roles.

To clarify, this is only for iOS devices. No MacOS devices are involved at this time.