Unable to email reports - SMTP

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Running into a new one.

Trying to set up a couple of automated report emails. Can download with no issue, but when I set my fields up for the email report (myself as recipient, subject/body with quick descriptions), and try to test it with "Send Email Report", I get the following:

EMAIL REPORT FAILED Verify that the Email Recipients field is correct and the SMTP server is configured properly. SMTP Server Settings

Now, if I hit the link for "SMTP Server Settings IN THE ERROR MESSAGE ITSELF, and send a test message, it comes through perfectly, as do all other JAMF | Pro notifications.

Anyone seeing something similar for emailed reports? Just trying to automate a little more for my weekly change control reports.


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I have similar issue/behavior with our JAMF Pro.

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I have had this issue as well.

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Random Q, but for the two previous posters... are you running your server on a Windows install?

Saw this last night while upgrading to 10.12:

PI-006753 Jamf Pro servers hosted on Windows are unable to send email reports from advanced searches for computers and mobile devices.


Be really nice if that list got shorter, instead of just continuing to push updates with "new features". Features do me no good if they don't work, and aren't fixed.

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Actually Jamf Pro Server using a bad file syntax for the Email Report´s CSV File on Windows machines!
[ERROR] [hread-11946] [ExportAssistantUtils ] - failed to send advanced search report 12 Computers in "ADVANCED COMPUTER SEARCH"
java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:Program FilesJSSTomcat emp12 Computers in "ADVANCED COMPUTER SEARCH".csv (bad syntax)!
They should replace those double quotes with single quotes or omit them!

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I found this thread while creating a support case on JamfNation — I started typing the issue into the subject line, and a box on the right auto-populated with suggested JN threads.

Any suggested workarounds?

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I'm having the same issue, has there been any updates?

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With my JSS 10.3 on Windows server if I schedule more than one report to be sent at the same time, I receive messages with the same attachment. So I had to set each report with a minute delay from the previous ones.

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Unfortunately, I'm having the same issue on a Windows Server with Jamf Pro 10.16.0.

The only workaround I have is to download and send it manually which sucks.

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I'm not too sure why or how it's working. But I was able to get test email sent as well as a scheduled email. Version: 10.13.0-t1559772983

This was previously broken for me, so I'm guessing the somehow fixed it and then regressed? Makes me worried to update...

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Actually... I think I just found a workaround. If you put a special character(Such as '<' or '>') in the report title it seems to force JSS to wrap the filename properly.

So: "Checked In 120 Days" does not work
but: "Checked In > 120 Days" does work

@bradtchapman May be worth trying

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@Michael.poutre Thank you for the workaround. This works for us in a Windows Jamf Env.

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That's great, @Michael.poutre. I was creating a ticket and found this thread. Threw in a > in my report title and it sent right away. It is odd that the known bug list gets longer and longer every release.

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@Michael.poutre your trick worked for me too.. thank you so much

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Thank you @Michael.poutre this advice fixed it for me too.

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Thanks @Michael.poutre