Using Adobe Remoteupdatemanager to install CC 2020

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I've had a devil of a time using a custom package from my Adobe admin console to install CC 2020 on out lab computers. No matter what I try, it consistently failed on about 25% of the computers.

I've resorted to logging into the computers and manually updating them using the Creative Cloud desktop app, but that is pretty tedious since I have around 40 more computers to update.

I've been using RUM to manage point updates, but I can't find any way in the documentation to install major updates. I've tried forcing it to install the 2020 versions using the parameter --productVersions=PHSP#21.0.2 (for example) but it doesn't find them.

Am I missing something in how RUM can update, or is a major version update too much to ask of it?


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AFAIK, Adobe RUM can't install major version upgrades as it exists today.

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We just asked Adobe enterprise support about this and they confirmed that RUM will only work to do minor updates within the same already installed version family. So you would have to manually login to the machines or make a new Adobe CC installer with 2020 and push that out.

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thanks, that's what I thought, but wanted confirmation I wasn't overlooking something.