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On our lab computers, we've diabled iCloud sign in, as students sign in using their Okta credentials via Jamf Connect and we typically don't want them junking up the computers with their personal iCloud stuff. We have a fair number of students with t...
I'm been experimenting with some scripts that we want to run at each user's log in. We're using Outset to handle them now, but it's been unreliable for us and seems to break part way through our semester, every semester. In light of that, I've been e...
We use iLok's license server to serve our Pro Tools licenses. Currently, to connect the computer to the license server you have to log in and manually set it up, even if the server is on the same subnet as the client. iLok doesn't provide any help wi...
We have a MBP M1 Max running Monterey 12.4 that checks in to our cloud fine, but it won't apply policies, profiles, or App Store apps. The profiles and policies are listed as pending in Management Commands, and the computer is checking in just fine (...
With the default MacOS log in screen, you can click on the clock and see the ComputerName. Is there a similar function in Jamf Connect?