Using to update Google Chrome



I'm working on to push "" file to clients in updating Google Chrome.

<plist version="1.0">

I pushed already the file to a test device but the user has still to activate auto-update by himself? If he declines, its, of course, disabled - it doesn't matter if I pushed the plist file to him or not. I thought its should be automatically forced by the plist file.

What's my final result?
My client doesn't update so far but I just got this notification "Chrome may not be able to keep itself updated". Basically, that's right, if the client using my plist file but on the other hand the user doesn't download the latest version. Anyone an idea?

thanks a lot


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@Flaurian Did you have any chance to get this working?

I am on the same path..

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We now deploy the GoogleChrome.pkg directly from Google which includes a post install script to initially setup updates. We then use this guide to enforce the auto updates:

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Did it too, using Google Chrome Enterprise instead of the simple (commercial) Google Chrome, as this last one was not digesting the

When saying Google Chrome Enterprise for future users going to read this article, I am referencing to this:

Google Chrome for Enterprise

The .pkg is working great, and will not override any user information/google account logged in / bookmarks etc.. for your info when deploying it on devices which are having already the commercial Google Chrome in place.

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Hi @G.M.(webkfoe)

I am installing the Google Chrome Enterprise .pkg with a script.. what do I do next for the "".... I would appreciate if you could go over the steps to get Chrome installed, push settings (I want to setup homepages, updates and extensions while allowing users to set their own homepages after initial configuration) I am a bit confused how it all fits together... I'll appreciate any guidance..