Wacom woes? Lab looking for PPPC for long term relationship.


I see on Wacom's site that they have a fully compatible with Apple Silicon and Big Sur driver for the Cintiq displays (among others). So, that has to mean no more kernel extension, right? From their description of granting permissions during the install, I assume they are still not thinking about us higher education lab supporting folks. Since there is no mention anywhere of them supplying a PPPC file to support their hardware, has anyone already generated a functioning one for Big Sur? I'm trying to think ahead to this summer's builds.


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I use Jamf's PPPC Utility to build PPPC profiles. I install the software, run it, and screenshot all the PPPC prompts. I then use the utility to build and upload. link text

I will be testing, but haven't yet, I did find these articles
link text
link text
It sounds like they will have a driver 6.3.42 this month that runs on M1 correctly, and 6.3.41 is the bare minimum to get it to function with some issues.

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I have see the PPPC Utility and have it downloaded to my computer. Can you elaborate more on what you did? I'm not following...

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Jamf's PPPC utility allows you to make Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) profiles more easily.

I use this mainly for lab environment where students don't have admin rights and I want to minimize the distraction from the learning process & prevent confusion.

I first install & run the software on a machine that's never had the software installed. Every single PPPC pop-up of X wants Y access, I take a screenshot (for record keeping). I then also go in to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy Tab and look at all the categories also look for the software for PPPC prompts that may not of tripped yet.

Most software, it's drag the application to the left column select the various drops down options, then upload to Jamf. I then scope the profile to another test machine that's also never had the software, verify the profile is installed, install the software, and see if I still get any PPPC prompts.

An Example - Firefox wants access to the download folder.

You drag firefox app to the left column, and use the drop down to select approve for the download folder.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 8.21.06 PM.png

Upload it to jamf via the PPPC utility, and it creates this for you



When a machine has this profile installed,  when Firefox tries to access the download folder just works without prompting the user.

Important Note - There are some PPPC permissions you can not per-approve, per Apple. Example Camera, Microphone.

Found this Youtube video that shows (with slightly older version of the PPPC utility) good overview


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Now for my Wacom Tablet Driver - Lab Profile. They have the Pen Displays for our Art, Media, and Design lab which trips a slew of PPPC prompts. This took much testing, trial and error.

com.wacom.wacomtablet -> Access to System Preferences


 com.wacom.Wacom-Desktop-Ceter -> Access to System Preferences & All Files



com.wacom.Wacom-Display-Settings -> Access to All Files


com.wacom.RemoveWacomTablet -> Access to All Files


 com.wacom.IOManger -> Access to Accessibility


 com.wacom.TabletDriver -> Access to Accessibility


 com.wacom.WacomTouchDriver -> Access to Accessibility




This is awesome! Thank you so much. I am going to be giving this a try right now.

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@CSCC-JS where did you find com.wacom.wacomtablet ? I am not locating that one and a Google search is not helping. Is it named something else?

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@CSCC-JS I found com.wacom.wacomtablet...

Got Mojave and Catalina setup, Big Sur is giving me an error (even thought the values are the same, and I did check the "Big Sur" slider and have it scoped to Big Sur boxes only). Trying to sort that out at the moment.

Haven't updated the labs to big Sur, that's coming however.

Which prompts are you getting?

This is the error that the Big Sur PPPC is throwing...  

In the payload (UUID: BE4BA8FF-C6CF-4C8C-9BF1-0143412146A8), the key 'Authorization' has an invalid value.

Doesn't give me anything more than that. Sigh...

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Hi @kwoodard, and anyone else looking for help on this one.

The PPPC Utility profiles (using latest as of this writing, 1.4) still don't completely create Big Sur compatible profiles, oddly. For certain things that changed from previous versions to Big Sur, you still have to manually edit them once they are uploaded to your server.

For instance with SystemPolicyAllFiles access, once you've uploaded it you have to edit the profile, then scroll down and click edit for that app/service and click edit (again), and it will automatically change to a valid choice (in this case from "Allow Standard Users to Access" to  "Allow"). Then click Save for that item, and repeat for every other item in the profile. Anything that has a valid selection already will not automatically change, so can be saved as is.

Once done with every item, save the overall profile, and the installation should succeed on your scoped Big Sur machines.

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 9.17.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-09-13 at 9.17.33 PM.png