Jamf Protect Remediations and smart groups

New Contributor

Hi everyone

i'm trying to understand the best way to configure Jamf Protect with our jamf instance. I set up a smart group in jamf to alert users about security issues and that works fine.

Unfortunately the jamf protect documentation is a bit incomplete imho.


  1. What are the next steps i need to follow? Any suggestion or guide to suggest?

  2. Do i need to manually remove the mac from the smart group?

  3. Jamf Protect has some removing capabilities or i need to clean the mac manually?


Contributor III

Once the issue has been remediated and an inventory update completed, the machine should be removed from the Smart Group.  All depends on how/what you want to do.  This is a pretty good blog post to go over and should help to get you started https://www.jamf.com/blog/soarin-with-jamf-protect-pro/

Also, if you're able to, I highly recommend taking the Jamf 370 class.