Acceptable Use Agreement on Student iPads


Has anyone found a way to collect acceptable use agreements on student iPads using JAMF School?


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I've come across the option for showing agreements at enrollment. An agreement first has be created in Organization > Agreements. The option to show the agreement at enrollment is found in Profiles > Automated Device Enrollment Profiles when creating an iOS profile, under the Onboarding tab.

We haven't used this, as we do enrollment and setup before giving to users. I don't know if there is a way to collect responses, or if it requires to accept the agreement to complete enrollment.

Alternatively, if you are a tinkerer, there are third-party solutions like DEPNotify or IBM Notifier. Would end up being a project.

We also do the enrollment before the student receives the device.  Since most schools have acceptable use agreements which I'm sure change from time to time I was hoping there might be some automated way to push it out in JAMF School.  I guess most places must use some 3rd party digital signage software.  Maybe it is because they are also looking for parent signatures.

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We're pretty old school here. Pen and paper. My boss writes the agreement and our elementary/high school offices both distribute and collect them. Those go out before the new school year and students don't receive a device unless it's signed by a parent/guardian.