Apple Classroom Duplicate Request

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Whether on-demand or automatic install, I receive a Failed status with the detail Duplicate Request when trying to install Apple Classroom. Despite the failed status, a functioning version of the application is installed. If on-demand, My Resources in Jamf Teacher shows the Duplicate Request error along with the Get greyed out. 

This happens on both M1 and Intel, Big Sur and Monterey, mixed and matched. This isn't a big issue, since it does install Apple Classroom, but I can see this confusing the staff and making it annoying to manage despite it bing a first-party application. Has anyone else encountered this and/or know of a solution?


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It seems that I run into a lot of the same issues as you do. Try seeing if you have the option to remove the app from that device in its device page. Then try going to Apps > Apps > search for the app in question (Apple Classroom). Open the page for it, and click on "Used" under the licenses section. This will show you a list of devices that have a license, search for the device in question, and revoke its license if it has one. Then try pushing it again. 


This is the direction I got on a ticket for a similar issue with Numbers a while back and it worked then, but I'm having the same problem with Pages on another device currently, and it's not even getting the license or letting me try to remove the app, so I'm not sure it will work. Worth a shot though!

Strange. It assigns licenses properly. And our settings make removing the app automatically revokes the license. I made sure to check before I added it and there were no licenses assigned before pushing the app.

Pushed the app, got the error (but with a functioning app), and a license is assigned. Remove the app, the license is also removed. Push the app again, installs without any errors and has a license assigned to it.

I also pushed Numbers to it and did not have any errors. Strange.

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We are also seeing this duplicate request for xcode