IOS 17 focus mode wallpaper issue

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Hi All, 


We have an issue with students changing their background to a custom wallpaper after upgrading to ios 17. Students are doing this through focus mode. I can't find any restrictions to block this. Is there any way around this or a solution?

Can anyone also confirm if they are having this issue too?


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Hi Nick,

Yes we are having this issue as well. There's nothing I can see in Jamf's restrictions that can override this. I contacted support yesterday and they didn't offer much. Suggested I should contact Apple myself. 


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This is probably something you will need to submit feedback to apple over. Unless Apple added the configuration and JAMF has yet to adopt it, apple will demand feedback and complain that you should be doing their testing for them in beta. 


We should be testing in beta, but not to the extent apple wants.

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I contacted jamf on this too and they said this

Thanks for contacting Support! My name is Pa Kou and I will be assisting with this case. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to restrict Focus at the moment. You can view all MDM Restrictions available below: Let me know if there are questions!

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Same issue here. 

Just commenting to receive notifications if anybody finds a solution.

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Me too. No solution. Waiting.

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Same thing here too. We have wallpaper configured in the student profile so when that reinstalls it changes back.


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same issue here, has anyone found a workaround yet?