Safelist and Blocklist Apps MacOS 11

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Does anyone know how to fully restrict an app using the safelist and blocklist payload in Jamf School? I added the path and it kind of works, but our students are Administrators on the computers so all they need to do Is click "allow once" and then use their admin login. this kind of defeats the whole purpose of blocking apps in Jamf. I also noticed that renaming the blocked app to anything else enables the user to use the app, is there any way around this?



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That sounds the same as when we've used it. It works in our setup since our students aren't admins.

It seems there isn't much documentation on this particular payload in Jamf's documentation either. Would be nice if there was a way to specify the bundle ID instead of path.

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Confirmed administrator override with the following payload. Seems silly to me too because no user with or without administrator privileges will read the message and will click any button and enter any credential to skip the message.

/Applications/Install macOS